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Let’s Flip Celebrity Faces | Ritchie 720

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Celebrities!!! We all know and love them right? So, let’s have a little fun with their faces. Join Ritchie 720, as he flips the faces of Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Kim Kardashian, and many more.

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Background Info:
The Ritchie 720 YouTube show was started in 2009 by Ritchie Knox. It was a moderately successful attempt to talk about social issues, tips and ideas, give unbiased opinions, and more in an open forum. It turned into much more however, Ritchie began to see more and more people tune in. In season 1, hosting very low quality video production, one could not ignore the quality of the information coming forth. Ritchie was a college student at the time, and in the heart of the hustle and bustle. His videos gained very slow traction, but those who watched were addicted. They loved his unique perspective and relentlessness. They also loved the randomness of his uploads (i.e., hence the name 720, meaning any topic could be touched on). One minute he was reviewing juice, the next minute he was talking about sex positions, and then you might see a rap video. It was chaos, but it was fun.

The second season, Ritchie 720 took all that he had learned from his first go through, and put it to good use. The videos were clearer, the message was more polished, and the fan base was rising. Some like to say that he took his audience out of the box, that was his kitchen table. This season hosted some of his most successful videos, like “Make Women Work for Sex”, “Worst Day Ever”.

By the third season, Ritchie had truly surpassed every expectation. He had initially only expected to have about 4 subs, and 1,000 video views, but he had over 5,000 subs, and 500,000 video views. He knew that he still had more work to do, but he also realized that he was on to something. In contrast, Season 3 was by a mile the best season. He had finally graduated from college, and was now a working man. That growth showed in his video production, video quality, and video range. Videos were finally HD, and featured more editing than in previous years. This season’s top videos included, “How to Stop Masturbating”, “What Women Want”, “Sexy Dance Moves”, “Curvy Women V.S. Fit Women”.

Now what? Ritchie is still recording music, coaching basketball, teaching, and enjoying time with his family. He’s not a TV host, so I guess you can say that his journey is still not complete. Will there ever be a season 4? I guess we’ll all find out soon enough. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy over 60 of the best videos from the past. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ritchie 720 video vault.

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